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English for Business at Wallace College

Business English Class

This is a one-week intensive course for anyone requiring the skills to conduct business in English and to engage in conversation with clients and colleagues whether on a formal or informal basis.


  • Discussion of topical issues relevant to business.
  • Study of authentic material in a variety of media.

Business English Courses consist of 22.5 hours of lessons per week. Courses begin on a Monday. The price of the course is £662.00 per week, including course textbook.


  • Levels: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 6
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Time: Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1500


Course Structure

There will be three sessions each day - two morning and one afternoon session.
The following pattern will be followed throughout the course:


The following pattern will be followed throughout the course:


0900 - 1030
Natural English

During this session you will read, discuss and analyse authentic materials such as newspapers and magazines in order to develop cultural awareness as well as to improve your your ability to understand and use the natural idioms and vocabulary of modern English.


1100 - 1230
Correct English

Each lesson will introduce a grammar point within a business context. The emphasis will be on helping you to acquire English which is both accurate and natural.


1330 - 1500
Effective English

In the afternoon session you will participate in a variety of formal and informal role play situations e.g. meetings, brainstorming, presentations etc. You will also focus on business communications - telephoning, letter writing and e-correspondence. The aim will be to give you natural and effective communication skills.


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