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English Language Courses at Wallace College

No Hidden Extra Fees
Wallace College does not charge any booking fees, or fees for course materials.

Neil's Class

Wallace College is Edinburgh’s City Centre Language School. We provide a wide range of courses to students whose first language is not English, including Cambridge IELTS and First Certificate examination courses, General English courses and Business English.


For teenagers, we run summer courses which combine English classes with a full programme of activities and excursions.


Wallace College has Bildungsurlaub recognition for Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpomern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein.


Helen's Class

Our aims are


  • to help students of all ages use English more confidently and correctly.
  • to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • to provide courses relevant to students who need English for work or business, and for those who are learning for pleasure.
  • to create a relaxed and friendly environment in which students can enjoy the learning experience.

General English Courses

Kendra's Class

These courses are available all year round, starting every Monday.


  • Levels: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Maximum class size: 10
  • Duration: Minimum 1 week

Our teachers are qualified English language teachers with experience both in this country and abroad. They are supervised by the Director of Studies who is available to discuss any aspect of your course.


Before you join a class you will take a level test. If you find that the level of your class is too difficult or too easy, or if you are unhappy with the class for any other reason, please ask to speak to the Director of Studies.


We offer a choice of Morning Classes, Early Afternoon Classes or Intensive Classes (both morning and afternoon). The structure and content of these courses is described below.


Morning Classes (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1230)

This course consists of two 90 minute classes. The first class (0900 - 1030) is a grammar class. Teachers will use a variety of up to date materials selected from leading EFL text books and from authentic sources such as current newspapers and magazines.


The second class (1100 - 1230) is a skills class. You will have opportunities to practise your listening and speaking skills. Short stimulus reading passages and communication games may be used as a focus for speaking skills and a variety of recorded materials will be used to develop listening skills.


Early Afternoon Classes (Monday to Friday, 1330 - 1500)

General English classes are also available in the early afternoon session.


Intensive Classes (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1500)

This course consists of three 90 minute classes each day. The first two classes are the same as in Morning Classes (see above). The third class (1330 - 1500) will continue to develop listening and speaking skills in a more informal way. Please note, however, that the content of this class is not fixed and teachers may decide to offer additional help with grammar or may focus on a particular skill which they believe will be of most benfit to the students in the class.


Homework will be set and teachers will give feedback on this in class. Please note that teachers cannot offer feedback on extra work that students do on their own. If you would like to do extra work you may choose to arrange a private class.


Also available:

Business English Intensive Courses (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1500)

IELTS Morning Courses (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1230) and Intensive Courses (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1530)

English One to One (Private lessons, by arrangement.)

Junior Summer Programme (English Lessons, Cultural, Social and Sports Events, Excursions)

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