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Availability of GCSE Subjects

Some GCSE subjects, such as Mathematics, Economics, Law & Psychology have no Controlled Assessment units. We can therefore offer these subjects to private candidates.


Some other subjects (mostly Languages) have Controlled Assessment units which can be conducted within one or two 1 hour sessions under exam supervision. We will usually be able to offer these subjects to private candidates.


In the majority of GCSE subjects the syllabus specification requires many hours of activity, such as discussing the planning of tasks, collecting information and producing a final write-up. These activities are intended to take place over a period of several weeks or months, and must be carried out under strict supervision. We are therefore unable to offer GCSE exam entry to private candidates in such subjects.


The table below shows the subjects we are able to offer. If the subject you wish to take is not available at GCSE level, please bear in mind that Edexcel and CIE exam boards offer IGCSE qualifications (exactly equivalent to GCSE) in almost all subjects, with no Controlled Assessment. Furthermore, these exams are available in October/November (CIE) and January (Edexcel).


AQA Edexcel OCR
Bengali Arabic Biblical Hebrew
Chinese Chinese Classical Greek
Economics Economics Dutch
French French Economics
German German French
Italian Italian German
Law Japanese Gujurati
Mathematics Mathematics Latin
Modern Hebrew Modern Greek Law
Panjabi Psychology Mathematics
Polish Religious Studies Persian
Psychology Spanish Portuguese
Religious Studies Urdu Psychology
Sociology   Religious Studies
Spanish   Sociology
Urdu   Spanish
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