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Entry Form for 2016/17 Examinations

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* If you are applying for SQA exams and you do not have an SCN (Scottish Candidate Number), leave the box blank and we will issue you with one.


* If you are applying for GCE, GCSE or IGCSE exams and you do not have a UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier), leave the box blank and we will issue you with one.


Exam Details
Exam Board Subject Level Entry Code Options
  1. Please supply entry codes and paper options where applicable. If you are unsure, leave blank and we will contact you to discuss the available options.
  2. For GCE (AS and A2) exams, excluding those with CIE (see below), if you do not cash in your units you will receive a statement of results, but no overall grade or certificate. Units not cashed in are "banked" and may be cashed in at a later date.
  3. Cash-in applies only to GCE exams with AQA, Edexcel & OCR Boards.
  4. There is no extra charge for cashing in units.
  5. If you are applying for exams where cash-in is applicable (see notes above), and you wish to cash in your units, please check the box. 
Exam Details

In the box below please enter the details of the exams you wish to take. For each exam please include the exam board, the name and level of the exam.

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