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Fee Details 2016-17

Flexi-Study Courses

Option Price
Flexi Standard (2 hours per week) £2000
Flexi Plus (3 hours per week) £3000
Flexi Max (4 hours per week) £4000

Examination Fees

Level Price per Subject
GCE A-Level £120
GCE A-Level Science practical £350
SQA Higher Science practical £200

Private Tuition

Level Price per hour
All Levels £45

Please Note:
The fees quoted are inclusive of all essential text books for each subject (excluding Private Tuition).

Course fees will normally be due in September and January but alternative proposals will be considered.

Students may start their course at any time of year, and fees will be calculated proportionately.

Half-board accommodation with a host family (single room, breakfast and evening meal) can be arranged. Details on request.

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