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Host Family Accommodation at Wallace College

Wallace College is currently seeking families to act as hosts for our overseas students. Our students fall into two broad categories: Language Course Students and Mini-Stay Students. Students arrive all year round, although our busiest time is during the summer.


Language Course Students may be travelling independently or as part of a group. They usually stay for between two and three weeks and have English lessons every morning. Some (usually adults) may also have lessons in the afternoons. During the summer we organise a programme of excursions and afternoon and/or evening activities.


Mini-Stay Students usually arrive in groups and may stay from 1 to 5 nights. They go on daily excursions leaving at about 08:30 and returning at 18:30. The groups vary in age from children to senior citizens and are accompanied by group leaders who are responsible for them.


If you live in Edinburgh and have a spare bedroom, and you would be interested in hosting our overseas students, then please contact the College by telephone or email.


phone 0131 220 3634

email info@wallacecollege.co.uk

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